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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  March 31, 2017 6:00am-6:59am EDT

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>> i was just thinking, we need those -- oh, crying because it is raining? >> someone please deliver. >> looking outside right now, yes, happy it is friday, out on the roadways right now, not looking pretty. we've had a mess out there. >> yes. >> you know, it definitely is one of those days, like you got to take the good with the bad. even though the weekends is literally around the corner, seeve got a mess going on out very much. but did i want to show you at least one camera, representation, whatever you are finding out there. see the street lamps in the distance, e camera lens outside whitt fields elementary, very, very soggy. what's interesting is when you look at storm scan, it is not even raining. if it is mist, okay, i'll give that you, but not technically raining all that hard across most of the region. so we had one heavy round roll through. much more t more to come, for example, before we can say all said and done with the storm. potent one, intensifying as it cross. thirty-nine the current temperature at the airport, so
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chilly raw start, but not cold enough for anything but plane rain, most everywhere, except in the mountains. you go to mount pocono, look at that chill. thirty-two, so in the highest elevations, of at least a thousand more, like 1300 feet, you will likely see some of the rain freeze on contact. so there is a freezing rain advisory up there. meantime, we talked about flood watch. that is going to be in effect for most of us, as of noontime. for periods every rain, heavy downpours, especially through the p.m. hours, and we could see locally up to three, possibly, even 4 inches of rainfall through the course of this storm system. so you have got to avoid any flooded roadways if you see them. meisha talking off camera, not flooded too many flooded roadways just yet? >> not yet. a question i'll ask little later, wondering for p.m. commuters when that will really start to wrap up. so talking about morning commuters right now clearly just 6:00 in the morning, what we're looking at is video of the mid-county toll plaza, so speaking of flooding how katie just asked me that question, take a look at the roadways. this is kind of what we're
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seeing, starting to see pooling gathering, little bit off to the shoulder, side streets, sidewalks, the bridges, bridge decks, starting to get pooling l we do we know it will get slow. why i'm showing you, the mid-county toll plaza area, because the e-zpass express lanes have caused a lot of headaches for a lot of people this past week. and southbound side closed. good news all now are open. they opened early which is a great spot for commuters this morning, especially on a friday whether we don't want to deal with headaches and now we are going to because thanks mother nature what we're dealing w we do have disable vehicle here. that will start to slow you down as well. schuylkill eastbound as grays ferry pulled all the way off to the side. you can see brake lights going off as you pass by. overall, extra time needed. jim rahel back to you. >> thank you, meisha. updating breaking news right now in delaware county. two alarm house fire in havertown, 200 block every hill road. >> firefighters have now vented sections of the roof, as they try to knock down the flames. there are no reported injuries, as so far this
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morning, no official word on how the fire started. we are however hearing there were downed pure lines in the area. right now 1400 customers in the dark as a result. >> working on this case for years. >> but now delaware county authorities have linked a suspect through series of vicious attacks on women. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo live in chester with the latest on developing story. good morning, jan. >> rahel, jim, good morning, and investigators fear there could be even more victims, and that's why the delaware county district attorney is now asking additional victims to step forward. the suspect in this case has admitted to raping and assaulting at least nine women over the course of threeold investigators that he's done the same to many more people. >> he's the stalked his victims, dragged them to secluded places, raped robbed them. >> an individual that was a sexual preditor, has terrorized women in the city of chester, and chester
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township. >> now, 19 year old de john lee is behind bars. >> is there anything you want to say to the victims? >> lee had no comment as "eyewitness news" cameras followed him to his arraignment thursday. prosecute remembers calling him a serial rape ills. he started his crimes at 16 years old. beginning in july, 2014, and continuing over the next three years, authorities say, lee attacked at least nine women. >> he would rob them, he would rape them. >> investigators say he would often pray on women who were walking and distracted, and then drag them away at gunpoint. one of those alleged victims told police in december 2016 a man raped and robbed her on the 500 block of pennell street. she called police again a few weeks later after reported educationally recognizing lee as her attacker while inside this shoprite in eddie stone. >> says the man that brutally assaulted, raymond, and tried to rob me, is here in this store. >> police arrested leon unrelated firearms charges. but, quickly linked him to previous attacks, using dn a and witness interviews.
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lee's former neighbors are discussed by the allegations. >> no, i can't take the law in my hand, but it is discusting. that a human being could drop this low. >> lee now faces number of charges including rape, attempted murder, assault, robbery, again, anyone with information about these assaults, or if you believe you have been victimized by this man, you should call police. we're reporting live in chester this morning, jan carabeo, "eyewitness news," back to you. >> glad that they caught him, thank you, jan. separate investigations are underway into two unrelated incidents along the new jersey turnpike. one in middlesex county, the other in salem count. >> i shooting involved state police happened yesterday afternoon at the molly pitcher service area in cranberry township. then there was also arrest in pilesgrove. state police rushed to the service area just before 3:00. a state trooper shot and killed a man in a pick-up truck. his body was removed last night. no troop remembers hurt in that incident. state police won't say what led to that shooting.
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>> just rolled up, saw it, asked the career -- cashier inside. >> what did the cashier say? >> somebody got shot. >> hour and a a half later, police surrounded a car in pilesgrove, took three people into custody, this incident part of kim vim unless investigation out of maryland, the source would not get into dimes town. >> fourteen year old grace pack earn, prosecutor say solomon and his girlfriend, sarah pack earl, assaulted, poise orthopedics, strangled the teen, then left her dismember body in luzerne county. grace's remains were discovered by hunters last summer. sullivan and packer are being held without bail. >> set to appear in federal court, williams' current attorney wants off the case over kearns that williams can't afford him. has pleaded not guilty to charges taking more than $100,000 in cash and gift. >> president trump's former national security advisor, michael flynn, is reportedly offering to testify before the
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fbi and other about the trump campaign potential ties to russia. but as hena daniels reports, flynn wants immunity from possible prosecution before he talks. >> president trump ousted national security advisor lieutenant general michael flynn is engage in the negotiations, with the house and senate, about testifying in their ongoing probes into russia. the bombshell confirmed thursday by flynn's attorney, robert kelner issued a statement saying his client certainly has a story to tell. but his first speaking assurances against unfair prosecution. >> you don't ask for immunity of course unless you feel like you're in legal jeopardy. so we have to be very careful here. >> embroiled in his own controversy, house intelligence committee chair, devon nunes, was mum on the issue. >> would you be too long offer him immuney? >> this is not appropriate place to discuss that. >> reports swirled yesterday two national security staffers secretly helped him examine intelligence information on white house grounds last week.
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>> why all of the cloak and dagger stuff? >> all of this on the same day senate intelligence committee members held first hearings into russian meddling in the 2016 election. hena daniels, cbs-3, "eyewitness news." well, some good news to report this morning. the 91 year old former federal judge, missing since tuesday, is safe and sound. edwin required from the bench for health reasons including memory he was found yesterday in dunmore lackawanna county not far from his home after two teens located his car. he was conscious and talking when police found him but he was taken to the hospital as a precaution. well, still ahead, the images are sounding major highway in atlanta collapses in flames right in the middle of rush hour. >> finds out what people in that area can expected to and for the weeks ahead. >> plus, a man on a motorbike crashes into a mini-van driving by. but it gets even worse. wait until you see what happens while he is laying in the middle of the road. >> nearly dozen kids sickened at popular water park in the poconos, reason some were sent to the hospital that's next.
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> national crayon day. but one color that's been around for years is getting kicked out of the box, oh, my. finds out which color is retiring next.
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>> ♪ >> welcome back everyone, atlanta is bracing for miserable rush hour commute this morning, after this massive fire caused a portion of a highway to collapse thursday night sending georgia into a state of emergency. >> top transportation officials say there is no way to tell when the highway carries 250,000 cars every day, can safely reopen. read bin john with the latest. >> reporter: avoid the area if at all possible. urging caution, after a massive fire triggered the collapse of a section of freeway along the interstate. >> we've not had any injuries as a result of it fire on the bridge. >> the blaze errupting underneath an elevated section of i85 northbound accepted g enormous plumes every smoke into the area. >> some vehicles driving through the smoke and vanish interesting site, other driving right past the wall of
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flames, which one official estimated was 40 feet or higher. as the blaze grew, so did confusion on the highway. meet motorists struggling to get off the road. finally, gave way to intense heat. >> you could almost tell what was about to happen. there were large chunks every concrete starting to come down, i mean, 200, 300 pounds, chunks of concrete starting to come down. >> span of highway roughly 75 to 100 feet long crashing on to the ground below. firefighters pulling back to safe grounds just minutes before the collapse. the governor says the cause of the blades is under investigation. >> i do noi do not know for sure speculation that i heard was that it was some pvc product that caught fire. >> oh, that was one heck of a fire. >> so unfortunate. back here at home, yesterday was a lovely day. today, not the same? >> by comparison. >> the hippos will like it. >> hippos like it? >> yes, hippos. we were talking about hippos during the commercials. >> or if you're a duck or
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anything that takes to water. >> exactly. >> yes, just a very, very ugly looking day here. and you know talking about this also at a commercial break, this is one of those really great grilled cheese and tomato soup kind of days. >> i'm thinking whole grain bread from the bakery, couple every kinds of cheeses in. reno roman owe, mixed with the have shop to talk.up there. let's put together the perfect recipe during the break. storm scan, very, very even still, heavy rounds every rain rolled through through the overnight. now at leastuld you technicallyl little bit of a lull. there is much more that has yet to cross through. so actually see the flood effect yet.ffect at noon. we already have problems. so, we're going to facenfal lat, and as we tim step this out, 7:00 a.m., in the how the t this.ill have likely filook it is just all day.
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rounds every rain, some of it quite heavy, when you see the orange, it is very, very heavy rainfall intensity, 4:00 p.m., f this. and it just keeps you head out e outdoor planry reschedule. lingering showers even tomorrow morning. th, by days end should see breaks of sun before the sun actually is setting. good news, the weekends shows signs of improvement. meantime though, today's just a mess. you have to buildtime if you pln time looking ahead to next week, more rain in the forecast, meisha? >> katie, thank you so much. so yes. the rain clearly is going to pose a problem for a lot of the morning commuters this morning. we've got disable bus here, the schuylkill eastbound at grays ferry past university ave. heads up on there is just one of several problems that we've seen all morning long, then also had an accident inned
6:17 am
vehicle, in media. heads up on this. route one media bypass southbnd start to slow you down, i was going to say sometime s we did have another accident horsham. good news is a lot of the accidents they'irly quickly. that's good news, by the way the ben franklin parkway take a look, weeke saturday 7:00 a.m. 12:00 a.m. to or 7:00 a.m. to run, >> meisha, thank you. yes, think your day is off ut rocky start in this man was twice, in the same traffic accident in eastern china. >> the man rides his electric bike into the side after mini-van. when the driver stops to go, heo set the mini-van brake, look at this? this is like craziness over there, the bicyclist only suffered minor injuries.
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er and over again.y. okay. >> moving on. fun afternoon atwater park in northeastern pennsylvania ends with a few children going to kie resort and convention center, they had gone on water coaster enclosed tunnels in the indoor water park when they camein trouble breathing. >> we got on theidriends started hacking, and through the whole thing i was covering, then once i got off, i didn't feel so good. >> we went over to find out what was going on, because my son was one of them, it turns out the chlorine levels were really high. >> interestingment parents say some kids taken to local hospital. in a statement the resort officials say the problem was an isolated incident on single a track, and every attraction has been test today ensure regulations not only met but exceeded. >> it happens. well, do you ever buy a bunch of food thinking you'll use it then have to toss it because
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it spoiled? you're not alone. it is estimated the average american family spends about $1,500 a year on food that ends up getting thrown away. but there are things you can do to preserve food and your family's budget. >> jacky, admit, she throws away a lot of food each week. >> i would say maybe a bag a week of produce, bread, those are two most common things that are leftovers that were never eaten. >> exactly, leftovers are a common one. >> joanne, with the natural resource defense council, a non-profit, that helps launch a campaign to save food, and protect the environment in the process. >> so tell me what you got here? >> working camp says the first step to saving is planning ahead. she says, you should never go to the grocery store without looking at what you already have, then decide what you need. >> that allows you to go with a list, then to focus on the things that you really want to purchase and will use. >> do you end up tossing lots of lettuce? >> i think it is probably one of the things that we over buy the most. >> she says one solution is buying food with multiple
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uses. say, spinach, that you're table to put in other meals like pasta. >> it will cook down quickly in two, three minutes, and it is a way to use great volume of greens really quickly. >> another key to avoiding waist, proper store. >> tomatoes are fine in the fridge but actually better if you lever them out on the counter. >> says after kad owes also best left out f they go into the fridge, they stop ripening. and remember, fruits and vegtables it, do bet, if they can breathe. >> when you get fruits and vegtables home, better off storing them out of the bag. >> another way to avoid throwing away food? >> think about creative ways to use up leftovers, and things that you need to use quickly. >> leftovers, and extra produce, can be great for things like soups, crock pot recipes. and finally, can't use it? freeze it. believe it or not, milk, sour cream, most fruits and veggies can all go in the freezer. >> bread also nice because it freezes well, it thaws quickly. >> also, proper refrigeration, temperature, can also help food last longer, so use
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refrigerator thermometer, make sure the temperature stays between 36 to 38 degrees. well, today is national crayon day. but one color is getting kicked out of the box. >> you can say good-bye to the color dan de lion, being required, yes, first time the color has been completely retired from all boxes every crayons, don't worry though new color is on the way. crayola says they'll day by that a little later today. >> oh, katie very upset. >> she's devastated. >> have you heard? i'm mack make off, off, offer-broadway debut in a local high school play. yes, coming up, sneak peak. >> and meisha takes us on dream drive to a museum full of secrets. >> oh, what's happening? >> so this is a trap door. >> oh, love trap doors. >> coming up a little later, stay with us.
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>> tomorrow weekends begins some improvement for our area. today really is a wash out. so let's look forward to brighter weather. showers even tomorrow morning, but even by the tail end of the day i think we'll get at least a little sunshine, by sunday not only warmer but does brighten up nicely, guys? >> all right, katie, thank you. now for look at newspaper headlines from across our region. >> from the front page of the times herald, child prevention, mission kids, planted pinwheels representing victims in east norriton yesterday. group members were joined by law enforcement members and public officials. >> the trentonian reports 17us veterans whose remains unclaimed have finally been laid to rest at the washington crossing national cemetery. veterans advisory commission coordinated the event. now before yesterday the remains sat for years, unclaimed, in a morgue. >> the press of atlantic city reports on new organ donated to the re-born surroun surf flit theater on long beach island.
6:26 am
known as the cadillac of organs, donate in the week tow family of carry haines russian, passed away this month at the age of 104. with fond memories of the glory days of surf flight. >> and that's a look at some of the newspaper headlines from around the delaware valley. >> well, coming up in the next half hour every "eyewitness news," a tweet from drexel university professor making national headlines but for all of the wrong reasons. >> thrust this man accused of sexually assaulting a teenage girl, but he claims it happened, because of get this, a sleeping disorder. we'll tell but his sex somnia defense coming up. trang? >> new study found that pedestrian deaths are on the rise. i'm trang do live with the behaviors driving this disturbing trend. >> and trang, as the rain is coming down, it is making for mercy commute. overturned vehicle, disable bus and whole lot of other issues to get through. first, stay where you are,
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this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this morning. >> good morning, i'm >> i'm rahel solomon. it is 6:30. here's what you need to know today in your morning minute. >> there is a lot of moisture laden in this storm system. >> can you take a boat to work? if you can, that would be awesome. >> this individual would stalk women. he would terrorize women. >> he's actually already admitted to raping and assaulting at least nine women, and he told investigators, he's done the same to many more. >> president trump's former national security advisor is in talks about testifying about the trump campaign's potential ties to russia. on one condition. >> you don't ask for immunity unless you feel like you're in legal jeopardy. >> i love when i get to feel like a kid.
6:31 am
it is leggo land discovery center. guys, the detail in this is incredible. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> well, that is victoria beckham in manaquine on the late late show last night. >> it was a little t her spice girls day. she will always be posh spice to me. out to katie. we have to talk about some serious weather. already coming down pretty seriously. >> soaking rain rolled through the overnight. first rounds is over, i would say, rain won. philly, zip. we real had i a lot of problems left over from that. take a look storm scan3. very heavy rain still falling actually across portions across the border of new castle kent county. notice what's happening, as you sort of go to the tail end
6:32 am
of the loop. see how things are bubble up again. the moisture still out there. we definitely have a much larger storm that has yet to actually work through. that was just the beginning, folks, with time that radar will fill back in again, we will see flood watch take effect for good portion of the area, also worth a mention, takes effect late tonight at 10:00 p.m. for ocean monmouth the shore for weekend get away we do also have freezing rain advisory for monroe county. looking around the different resort towns here, off to chilly very raw start here in philly, it is 39. luckily, that is just mild enough that we don't have to worry about any freezing on contact when the rain returns. however, it is so dreary outside. that the day ahead, promises to bring obviously rounds of soaking rain, i -- heavy, and very widespread, too, no one will be immune to this. interestingly, we've got additional chances for some pretty soaking rain down the road here. next rounds looks like it would commas early as monday
6:33 am
night. lingering into tuesday. and then, beyond that point, even thursday meisha, promises more rain, so, spring is here. it is coming in with a bang. >> yep. it certainly is. thank you so much, katie. good morning, tgif. never fun waking to up hear news of all of the rain coming down, and then have to leave early. but you will have to leave early. take a look at this, look at the schuylkill eastbound past university ave. we had disable bus here that's been cleared. but you can see how busy it is on the schuylkill. basically anywhere that we are looking right now we are building levels, as i'm sure you can imagine, we dealt with this monday and tuesday as well. but we typically don't see these kind of levels this early specially on a friday. we're going to today, just because you will have to leave early because of the rain coming down. so heads up on this. the schuylkill, past university ave., that's what you are looking at, eastbound, looking very slow. also, ben franklin bridge, coming from jersey, into center city, looking pretty slow as well. starting to look very slick on the bridge, as well. but starting to really start to build levels on the ben franklin bridge.
6:34 am
then we have an accident, by thus, good morning, by the way, we've had string of them all morning long, hint for new jersey bancroft lane at route 38. f activity happening this weekend, that we will get to in the next ten minutes, jim, rahel, back to you. >> thank you shall meisha. new report just released reveals sharp rise in the number of pedestrian fatalities in the u.s. >> trang do looking into now what's causing that spike. she is live in center city, good morning, trang. >> reporter: well, good morning, rahel, jim. just few hours, out here in center city, seen so many near misses, between the fact that distracted drivers or walkers just not paying attention, in fact, study found 2016 saw the es of pedestrian deaths in 20 years. >> it is a heavy thing. to be alive when your child is dead. >> casey feldman's dreams of becoming a reporter were cut tragically short by a distracted driver in 2009. the 21 year old from springfield, delaware county, was hit and killed in a
6:35 am
crosswalk on her way to a waitressing job on the ocean city boardwalk. >> it is incomprehensible to me sometimes to think that other families are going through what we're going through, but there are thousands and thousands every families doing that. >> since casey's death the number of pedestrians dying in crashes has sky rocketed, up 22% in just the last two years, 2016 the highest number in decades at nearly 6,000. >> people have forgot pope look both ways, too bus lie being g at their phones. >> recently spoke with jonathan atkins of the governor highway safety association which conducted the association, not only lying with distracted drivers but distracted walkers, as women. alcohol was also a major factor, 15% of faith al pedestrian accidents involved a drunk driver. while 34% involved someone walking drunk. >> really good job, encouraging people not to drink and drive. but we don't see messaging about not drinking and walking.
6:36 am
>> these accidents often happen in a instant. the woman in this video is lucky she survived. but one too many grieving families, like casey's, are left behind. >> she was beginning her life. she was about to become that reporter, and it was all taken away in just a few second. >> and the study found that most of these accidents happened at night. also, in more rural and suburban areas. but for now, live in center city, i'm trang do, cbs-3, "eyewitness news," jim, rahel, back to you. >> thank, trang you. >> in other news this morning, police have suspect in custody with a series of attacks on women in delaware county. authority believe there could be more victims. de-john lee of chester charged with raping and robbing nine women over the past years, happened in secluded areas. some of the victims told police lee wore mask or tried it shield his face during the attacks. authorities say the break in the case happened when one of the victims recognized lee as her attacker, she saw him inside a shop rite in eddie stone. >> and indianna man claims he
6:37 am
doesn't remember sexually assaulting a teenage girl. bloomington police say andrew passwait earphone recalled 15 year old girl earlier this month during a sleep over. when questioned by police, he said he had no memory of the alleged incident, telling investigators, he suffers from sex somnia. a time of sleep disorder that is recognized by psychologists. >> however, he stated he had been diagnosed but wasn't able to provide with us any information after doctor we could follow up with. so based on all of the circumstances, we went ahead and made the arrest. >> well, police say he told them that the doctor who made his diagnosis is dead now. back here at home, drexel university professor back in the headlines this morning after stirring up some rivers on twitter. tweeted this sunday morning, some guy gs seat for uniformed i'm trying not mozul. us military air strike
6:38 am
civilians in mozul. witnesses we spoke with had mixed reactions about the post. >> i mean, did he it on his personal time. he has hiswn rig to say them. it is america. first amendment. >> yes? >> so he can tweet whatever he want to tweet. >> that means outside of wor pb. and inside of work it is a thine type of people around >> well, drexel university has responded with a stame the recent social media comment by george were made outside the and do not represent the university's views. and he first made national headlines in december when he tweeted: all i want for christmas is white genocide. >> up next: meisha taking us on another dream drive. >> plus a tribute to beyonce, and her pregnancy photo that broke the internet. remember that picture? we do want to warn you pretty cheesey tribute. we'll show it to you coming up. pat? >> good morning, guys, we are live inside the leggo discovery center. this is leggo land
6:39 am
philadelphia. do we want to hang out at lincoln financial field? or how about, how about citizens bank park? look at the detail in all of. >> this we will tell you how you can get involved. how the kids can come out, bill their own stuff, too, when we come back. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> and it is the last day of our country concert ticket give away. and it goes like this, today giving away two free tickets to see thomas rhett and many other country favorites at the 92.5, xtu university anniversary show. >> all do you have do is listen for the words of the day. next. >> ♪
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>> if i look tired i was out late last night, until 9:00 because that's how i roll. cherry hill high school west! >> ♪ >> ♪ >> that is where the amazing crew, cast and/or chest is that, boy, those guys could play, were holding their final rehearsal for sister act which runs this weekend and next weekend. now, i will have a walk on roll in next friday and saturday shows. april 7th and 8th, tickets are $15 for adult, $10 for student and kids, boy, that's a bargain. i'll post a link for you on facebook and twitter to buy them now. i've been told, wait, i've been told andrew lloyd webber may be in the audience for my performance, or maybe it was lloyd webber of pennsauken, i don't know, but someone big will be there. >> hold the phone jim donovan. you see that graphic, starring jim donovan? when we say staring do you have a lead? >> i have very significant part. i asked about the marquis in
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my dressing room, but no one seems to be able to give me a clear answer in that. >> oh, how joan crawford of you. yikes. just like you you're not working with bette davis. we would have a serious problem on our hands. >> zip. >> whatever happened baby jane, what happened happened to baby jim. >> oh, my gosh. get this man an oscar, stat. >> we get you on outside. eyewitness weather watchers have been reporting all morning long, and they actually had some rainfall, to already report here, and we just getting started out in mt. laurel, carp i already has half inch at her house, jenny and lynn, both this cherry hill, actually both finding 4.6 inches sofas is john? cab err knack he will. handful couple of hundreds every ann, tents of an inch for many of the watchers out there this morning. so guys, thank you so much for your report. got a lot to get to here with storm scan. starting to really fill in off to the southwest, all of this looks like you've got break, you may have fine mist or light rain, anyway. if it is not showing up on the radar, but that's all going to
6:45 am
fill in with time. huge storm. it is actually intensifying as it crosses through. so, let's move it forward, just going it let the graphic go for future rain amounts. we really start to tally up here. taking you all the way to tomorrow morning. we have long span every time, nearly 24 hours from now to build up one to two locally three if not 4 inches of rain. so that is thankfully nice long window we won't have major flooding out of. >> this certainly incredibly slow travel because of the rain falling. it is raw, it is chilly, sun already coming up now at 6:46. you will not see much of it at all here today. rather, just rain, some of it heavy, even into tonight. it start to gradually taper through the overnight hours. but, we will see some improvement through the course of the weekend after the showers depart completely, tomorrow morning. so, sunday looks like nice day, 60 in the sunshine, new storm coming along monday night into tuesday, possibly even thursday. definitely have hands full with spring time storms. meantime one more time recapping for today, you will have flood watch starting at
6:46 am
noontime. and meisha the p.m. drive is what looks to be the worse of the two today. >> yes, for our p.m. commuters, take note of that. maybe leave work if you can, maybe little earlier, i don't even know, you know what? forget i even said, that i don't know what you will do. when the rain comes down, talking about flooding, it is just going to be a very, very rough commute. and it has been rough commute so far this morning. now, what are we looking at right naught? mid-county toll plaza, (e-zpass express lanes will be closed until april 10. they've now opened. opened early. so, that's great news for a lot of you specially those of you having to go out this morning, which is a lot of you going to work this morning. it is going to ease some of the tension that we've been experiencing all week long. do have accident out there hainesport new jersey bancroft lane at route 38. heads up on that. and also, ben franklin parkway, weekend closures because saturday we have a run, so 7:00 a.m. to 12 noon, sunday 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. we've got parade then. also, kelly drive, take a look at this, kelly drive closed
6:47 am
sunday 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. why? because of regatta. so overall this weekend those are just reminders for you. i will be tweeting out the information for you as well. overall this morning just getting very slow out there. the schuylkill, 95, the vine, all of the majors. >> oh, boy. >> not looking fun. >> not like typical friday. >> not at all. >> well, now for a dream drive, it is a little house with very different feel. >> the house let you go inside one man's dream. >> yes, literally, guys. but it is not our dream. it is now our dream, as women, this is the painter artist sculpture and woodworker became famous, and he used them in his very own home. let's go. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> we are on our way out to malvern, to a museum, that is going to be unlike any other museum we've visited thus far. >> right off horse shoe trail the museum open by appointment only. it get in, you got to call
6:48 am
julie ganaway. >> work primarily in wood. he eventually becomes known as the leader of the studio furniture movement. as much as for ac sculpture of wood, as well. >> so it is no wonder his own home is like living inside a sculpture. curator, laura explained he started when a studio and house in 1926. >> you will notice a lot of curved lines. wharton doesn't like straight lines. because he didn't think straight lines involved thinking. once you start making a curve then you start thinking about your design. >> just looking around this room, from the table, to the sealing beams, everything that catches your eye is detailed in a very cool artistic way? >> big time. >> in 1940, added in attic bedroom, filled it with art and books, and built the bed up high to take advantage of the southern view. >> oh! oh, wow, what's
6:49 am
happening? so this is a trap door that was designed to keep the sawdust from the studio down below from coming up here and getting into his living space. >> in 1966, he craft add kitchen inside a curved silo. >> so did he make everything himself in. >> oh, yes, pretty much. if he didn't have to buy something, he didn't. pretty phenominal. built in 1930. it can be dis agents em recall, left the billing three times. >> no kidding? >> to go on exhibit most notably to the world fair up in new york city. >> everywhere eyes are going different things to be and job true. >> this these spaces. everyone that comes in here feels immediately at home. >> how cool. >> talking about details, when you think about the staircase, he made those staircases by hand, but also made them so they could be dis assembled and brought to other location. >> i love the trap door. >> yes, well, i'm sure do you.
6:50 am
>> silence of the lambs, but other than, that i look a good trap door. makes it interesting. >> you guys, if you haven't been there, if you have never been, this is one that you have got to see. >> so cool. >> thanks, sunday country night biggest night, returning as hoses for the 52nd annual academy of country music awards, "eyewitness news" this morning has been counting down all week. >> and here's where you come in. today is the last day that we are giving away a pair of tickets to hot country concert coming to town. just watch for our word of the day. then end their word at so here we go. big one. today we are giving away two free ticket to the 92.5xtu anniversary show featuring thomas rhett, ranger smith, june 3rd, at the bb&t pavilion in camden. >> and the secret word andy, as in and i summers of 92.5, xtu, hosting this concert, right now go to enter the word andie for your chance to win. watch the 52nd annual country
6:51 am
new i can awards this sunday night right here on cbs-3. >> very exciting. excitement also building for leggo fans in our area. >> next week leggo lands discovery center in philadelphia opens in plymouth meeting. "eyewitness news" reporter pat gallen is living us a preview. good morning, patrick. >> have you seen the excitement on my face bust? i'm like little kid out here all morning, building things, having fun, leggo land discovery center. this is mini land philadelphia, the detail in this is impressive. check this one out. look at this. i mean, it is so impressive, we have jackhammer on the street. see that present any philadelphia, don't we? we doesn't want to see that any more. from leggo land, good morning. >> good morning. >> so what exactly goes into all of this? >> it is to starts with research team that comes on site here. kind of learns the lay of the land. what landmarks are important to the specific area. then it takes about six month for a team of master model build tears create all of the landmarks that eventually go in here. >> so it takes six months to create but even more when you
6:52 am
start the entire process? >> absolutely. >> that's impressive. you were telling me about boathouse row, and how the public got involved in picking that as one of the things you built? >> they did, yes. we opened it up on social media. we wanted to hear, you know, who the public thought we should have in. and boathouse row won by a landslide. >> this is one of how many different electric owe land discovery centers around l worlds? >> whether we open the 17th in the world, ninth here in the united states. >> each of those discovery centers has a mini lands in it? >> specific to that location. >> pretty neat. you're in new york, atlanta, shanghai, is that correct? >> that's right. >> when you come out here not only can you see this amazing display of the city of philadelphia, which has citizens bank park, which has lincoln financial field, but we can build things, too, right? >> absolutely. >> all right, let's build. what can we build. >> our building area, we encourage kids to put together cars and race them. see how they perp form.
6:53 am
>> so me working on this dar earlier? >> pretty impressed. >> i actually built. >> this took me little while. but it does move. so we can race. >> absolutely. >> are you ready to race? >> i'm going to race the one did i not build. just in case. if you're big kid like me, come up here, we did race some leggo cars. my five year old nephew would absolutely love this. so this is how it is done, right? >> absolutely. >> all right. >> let's see who wins here. let me ask first, jim, rahel, who do you think will win this race? will it be me or will it be blaine? >> my money on blaine. >> i would say. >> their money on you. >> of course, of course it is, guys, ready? three, two, one. >> oh, it fell apart but it won. >> blaine, we appreciate t thank you so much. >> of course. >> come out to the leggo land discovery center plymouth meeting mall. when do you guys open snap. >> in just aunt week april 6 next thursday. >> thursday april 6. come see it. awesome, guys, you got to come out. >> very exciting. pat don't worry let this be
6:54 am
exam tonight jim and that i we have to have more fate in you sometimes. >> his racing skills. we will be right back. >> three to go. coming up.
6:55 am
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>> seth williams goes back to court this afternoon to let a judge know if he's found a new
6:58 am
lawyer. has pleaded not gold medalist i. >> national security advisor michael flynn wants immunity for testifying about russia's interference in the presidential election. >> and it is national crayon day to mark the occasion, crayola naming replacement to the color tanned de line on whisk required. >> last check on weather and traffic. >> oh, dear i -- dreary day. we caught lull in the action for the morning. it is very, very gray outside. there is more rain on the way. just very, very quickly, taking quick look at the headlines for the day ahead, if you're in the poconos, watch for freezing rain, poor drainage flooding from the rain that will be pounding down specially later today, meisha. >> all right, katie, thank you. the mid-county toll plaza e-zpass express lanes now open and clear, but yes, looking red out there. hainesport new jersey also accident out there bancroft lane at route 38. >> a sculpture over in already done found cheesey way to pay tribute to beyonce. >> before you get upset let us explain. remember whether we bee brought the internet with this is picture? use that picture to create
6:59 am
this, 45-pound statue made encouraging tirely out of cheese. the sculpture is appropriately named beeance. took 28 hours to name. made out every cheddar. >> i think the we would melt? i do like bring. >> next, inside look at how first responders are fighting the opioid epidemic. >> and as we leave you live now, a picture from leggo land philadelphia, plymouth meeting mall t opens thursday april 6. incredible, isn't it? >> awesome. so cool. amazing. enjoys grilled cheese sandwich and soup today. have a great day. watch a movie. stick your feet up. go see a show, cherry hill. stay dry, guys. >> yes. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
7:00 am
>> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is march 31st, 2017. welcome to "cbs this morning." president donald trump's former national security adviser michael flynn wants legal protection in exchange for congressional testimony about russia and the trump campaign. his lawyer says flynn has a story to tell. a bridge on an atlanta highway collapsed after a fire. plus, we catch up with country music stars little big town. they reveal the highs and the lows on their road to success. but we begin this morning with today's "eye opener," your


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